Are Hidden Fees Eroding Your Wealth?

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With wealth comes the necessity for strategic management and careful planning. Deven Yagnic Wealth Management ensures that your assets are not only protected but also positioned for growth. Here’s why expert guidance is indispensable:

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Get a free hidden fee comparison today

Are you aware… 

…that some financial advisors and wealth management firms charge hidden fees up to 4% per annum?

These fees can significantly impact your pension savings over time. We offer a free, no-obligation service to help you compare your current financial arrangements and identify any overcharges.

Key Benefits:

  • Uncover Hidden Fees: Many firms like St James Place, Charles Stanley, and True Potential may charge up to 4% per annum in hidden fees.

  • Expert Analysis: Our team of financial experts will review your current portfolio and provide a detailed comparison.

  • Save Money: By identifying and reducing unnecessary fees, you can save substantial amounts over the term of your pension.

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About Deven Yagnic

About Deven Yagnic

Deven Yagnic brings over two decades of experience in financial advisory services. He holds advanced certifications from ACMA and APFS, and he deeply understands the financial industry’s complexities. Deven’s client-centred approach focuses on understanding unique financial situations and crafting custom strategies that align with long-term objectives.

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